Tanzania Mutwari Mini

Grown 1900 metres high in the Mbeya region of Tanzania, this unique coffee variety is always in limited supply. With notes of lemongrass, pear and grapefruit, this light but complex coffee is juicy, bright and delicious.

How to brew: 3-4 minutes

Origin: Mbeya region, Tanzania

Characteristics: Lively and dynamic, with hints of lemongrass and a burst of pear and grapefruit.

How we like it: Light roast, with/without milk

In local Bantu languages, Mutwari translates as "chief", and this coffee certainly lives up to that title with a unique blend of flavours - a result of the rich volcanic soil it's grown in.

Mutwari hails from the Mbeya region, hidden in the southern mountain ranges and grown by smallholder farming groups.

Tanzania hasn't always been as highly profiled for specialty coffee as other East African nations, and the majority of the regions coffee was historically home-washed due to the lack of commercial washing stations.

However, the Chief is now on the rise. Get a taste of this delicious coffee today!