Kenya Peaberry Coffee

While most coffee beans come from the cherry in pairs of two, the peaberry is a result of joined beans. These are far more rare, but result in a more intense taste.

Keyna Peaberry is grown at an altitude of 1700m in the Nyeri region and their flavour embodies the best of Kenyan coffee - fruity, full and smooth. 

How to brew: 3-4 minutes

Origin: Nyeri region, Kenya

Characteristics: Full bodied citrus fruit 

How we like it: Light roast, with/without milk

Only about 5% of coffee crops become a Peaberry, so the variety is highly sought after as the sweet taste of the coffee cherry is concentrated into a single pea-shaped bean, rather than two.

Kenya Peaberry is known for its smooth, incredibly flavoursome body with a bite of fruit and a crisp aftertaste.