Ethiopia Djimmah Coffee

Djimmah is a beautifully smooth coffee which is understated while being easy to drink. Its taste profile is rich, deep and earthy with gentle hints of berries and cinnamon.

How to brew: 3-4 minutes

Origin: City of Djimmah, Ethiopia

Characteristics: Bright with a smooth body. Berry aroma and taste notes of cinnamon and citrus

How we like it: Medium roast, with/without milk

Ethiopia is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee, and the country's coffee varieties are among the most distinctive and sought after in the world.

Djimmah typically grows at altitudes of 1340-1830 metres, providing an ideal environment for coffee growth, while forest trees protect the plants from the sun and keep the soil moist.

In Ethiopia coffee is typically served through the Tukke or Bunna coffee ritual which involves roasting beans in a skillet over open fire and then grinding them with a mortar and pestle. Proper etiquette would be to smell the beans before roasting, and sharing three cups of coffee with those present. In Habesha culture, elders are always served first. The coffee is served in hand-made clay pots called Jebena, and poured from high into small pots or bowls, and drank with a small amount of salt and sugar. The coffee is typically served with traditional snacks like Kolo.