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DemRep Wine

Sourcing from small, family-owned wineries and biodiverse vineyards, Democratic Republic brings you premium limited release wines from Europe and around the world that you’ll savour, sip after sip.
Sustainable African coffee from Democratic Republic

DemRep Coffee

DemRep Coffee is a sustainable coffee brand dedicated to the economic and social empowerment of African and Afro-descendant people.
We have a vision for a coffee company that expresses the best of Africa - one cup at a time. We want to share the richness, diversity, complexity, vibrance and energy of Africa's people in every bag we produce. At Democratic Republic we sell more than just delicious, meticulously roasted beans from some of the finest coffee-growing regions on the continent. We sell stories, culture and history - all encapsulated in a simple sip of fragrant coffee.

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